Local History book – just a few left

Redmires Book Preview

A new book all about the history and natural history of the Redmires Dams on the outskirts of Sheffield. Full of highly detailed photographs of the landscape and wildlife of the area. Interesting text on the development of dam construction in Sheffield, along with facts and text about the Prisoner of war camp, the long causeway ancient medieval pack horse route and the long lost Grouse and Trout public house. It is a 98 page, A4 landscape book, soft cover, fully illustrated with my own personal photographs.
Available today direct from this website or through my Facebook page. Just send me a message if interest.

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Animals, birds, wildlife and nature are my passion, combined with photography and occasionally artwork I try to portray things as I see them with as little editing as possible. I can see certain benefits in over editing images, there are some incredible photos out there but when it comes to showing animals and the natural world in a natural way, why over edit and show things in an unnatural way? There is a definite line between art and photography. The challenge for me is capturing the image as best I can “In camera” which is not always possible.